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Jon Doe

Trailmakers is part creative vehicle-building sandbox, and part exploration-racing game.


Building a car, airplane, helicopter or walking robot is as easy as playing with blocks.

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Jane Doe

Rubber Bandits is a wacky multiplayer party brawler.


It's every bandit for himself when the robbery starts - steal as much as you can or beat up the other bandits and keep their money for yourself. 

Characters from Trailmakers game
Flashbulb Games Logo

Flashbulb was founded in 2016 to create Trailmakers. 

We are individually experts in our fields and we are battle proven as a team. Most of us have worked together for years at the now-closed Microsoft Studio 'Press Play', and others come from top studios such as Rare, IO and CCP.


Its our vision to ignite the creative spark in everyone.


We create games that you play with – not just play. Games that give players tools and environments to create their versions of fun.


Trailmakers is a game about building complex machines out of simple blocks.


With Trailmakers we want to bring out the inventor in everybody and let them have an awesome time in a unique world of playfulness.

Rubber Bandits is a wacky multiplayer brawler, where silly bandits fight for loot, and where everything in the level can be used as a weapon. 

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4 screen developer setup at Flashbulb Games

Working at Flashbulb Games

We are constantly looking to expand and improve our team.

With games out on Xbox, Playstation, Steam, Switch, and mobile, continuous updates, an ever growing player base, and an active Discord community, it is more alive than ever, so we are looking for new people to join us.

The team now consists of a small team of seasoned veterans and eager talent, all aiming to provide players with great experiences.

We pride ourselves in creating a workplace where opinions are heard regardless of title and where there is room for differences.

At the moment we work from home, and we are getting better at it. Once the country opens up, we are looking forward to getting back in the office. But corona has taught us, that working remote actually isn't that bad, so please send us your CV even though you don’t live in Copenhagen.

For all employees we offer delicate lunch, pension, private health care insurance and fair pay for everyone who works here.

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Copenhagen Skyline From Flashbulb Games Office

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